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    View Our Treadmill Range
    New Fitquip TM142 Treadmill
    - 1.75hp Motor
    - Up to 16km/hr
    - 3 Hot Speed Keys
    - Compact
    New Fitquip TM252 Treadmill
    - Massive 3hp Motor
    - Huge 52cm wide Orthopaedic Mat
    - Maximum Speed of 22km per hour.
    - 150kg Max User Weight
    Titanium Cardio X9 Treadmill
    - Commercial 3hp AC Motor
    - Heavy 198kg Frame
    - 15% Incline, 3% Decline

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    Treadmills are the largest selling Cardio Fitness product on the market. They are also a very diverse and complex product, for these reasons we have dedicated a site specifically to Treadmills, Brands,  Accessories, Parts and advice on how to choose, use and maintain your Treadmill.

    Treadmills are broken in to four main categories.

    Walking Machine

    This type of Treadmill does not have a motor. The machine is driven by the user exercising force on the mat forcing it to move. Whilst these are a relatively effect form of increasing your heart rate, it does not mimic a normal walking motion and are almost impossible to run on. Largely this type of machine has become less common.

    A manual Treadmill is not to be confused with an Electric Treadmill that has a motor to drive the belt but has manual incline function.

    Running Machine 

    This type of Treadmill comes in many different designs with many different features and functions. Largely to identify the most suitable machine for your application is about identifying, the size and weight of the main users, the intended location of the machine, the features you require and of course your budget.

    Being able to identify your needs in each of these four categories will suitably arm you to start looking. Clearly a person at 130kg and who wants to run will require a very different capacity to the 60kg person who wants to walk.

    A person in a unit likely to have less space for the Walking Machine, than someone in a large house.

    Considering features like electronic incline, mat size, mat width, programs, heart rate features, console interface, fans for cooling, motor type and size, will also help steer you to the most suitable Treadmill for your application.

    Semi Commercial Treadmill

    A Semi Commercial Treadmill  is also suitable as a premium Domestic Treadmill. Features that differentiate these machines are; A Fixed deck ie non folding, a 25mm plus thick running deck, a sturdier, more solid frame, larger motor (usually AC), a larger maximum user weight of 150kg to 180kg and a wider running deck.

    Most of the electronic features are common to both Home and Semi Commercial Treadmills.

    Some examples of the applications where you would expect to require a Semi Commercial Treadmill are; A small Personal Training studio, a Hotel, small Mine Site, Retirement Village or any application with a daily usage not exceeding 3 hours a day.

    These machines will be larger and weight around 160kg, (between 20 to 80kg heavier than a Home Treadmill)

    It would not be considered overkill to use a Semi Commercial Treadmill in a home application. The added deck size and solid smooth feel that is common with this sized machine would be considered luxury features..

    Commercial Treadmill

    A Commercial Treadmill will have larger capacities again than the Semi Commercial Treadmill.

    It will have a larger running deck, larger motor, larger maximum user weight, larger more solid frame and weigh more ie up to 300kg.

    It will share similar electronic features to a home or Semi Commercial Treadmill, but on a larger more solid scale.

    Commercial Treadmills also tend to have additional feature such as self lubricating decks, reversible running decks, odometers and sophisticated diagnostic systems.

    Using a Commercial Treadmill in a home environment would be considered overkill. Many of the components, and the anticipated warranty requirements in a commercial application will increase the price significantly, all of which would be over engineered for the domestic application.